Don't let Brexit turn your plans upside down!

Don't let Brexit turn your plans upside down!

My Austrian Holiday and Brexit

I am sure you have had enough of the word Brexit. A word that was not even a word until a hasty referendum

nearly three years ago. A word that has dominated news headlines, parliamentary and pub debates ever since.

Living here at MoaAlm, high in the mountains, we do feel pretty separate from what is going on back in the UK, and

some weeks our guests even request a Brexit talk ban! We live and work in Europe and love it here, and know our

UK guests love it too. We still want to welcome guests form the UK regardless of what happens in parliament and

so we wanted to reassure you by answering some of those burning Brexit questions:

Will I still be able to fly to Austria after Brexit?

UK-EU flights will operate - the European Commission has confirmed UK airlines can fly to the EU. A cap on the

number of flights based on 2018 levels is being contested.

Will I still be able to take my car on the ferry to Europe?

Ferry services and cruises from the UK will sail - shipping rules are mostly international. UK drivers in the EU will

need an International Driving Permit - available from the Post Office for £5.50.

Will I need a visa to visit Austria?

No. UK passport-holders won't need visas for the EU - an electronic visa-waiver scheme for the Schengen area is

due in 2021 but would happen anyway and is nothing to do with Brexit. You will need to make sure your passport is

valid for six months form arrival date.

What about my EHIC card?

EHIC cards will no longer be valid after Brexit. However, usually we encourage you to buy adequate travel

insurance when you visit us, and this will cover you for all eventualities.

What about bringing my dog?

Travelling in Europe with a dog
Our Croatian dog in Austria

We love dogs at MoaAlm, and will continue to welcome them after Brexit. Pets will still be able to travel, but owners

should consult a vet in advance about documents and health checks.

As you can see, despite what the newspapers want you to think, Brexit really wont have a noticeable effect on your

holidays. We are already looking forward to the summer; blue skies, jaw dropping scenery, meadows full of flowers,

and can’t wait to share MoaAlm with you. Check out our website for our fun packed summer holiday options.

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