MoaAlm Superfood smoothie recipe

After becoming fully plant-based in the MoaAlm kitchen we are finding so much inspiration all around us, utilising the power of nature I want to share with you this gut healing, mood boosting, alkalising Green Smoothie.

As well as maintaining a balanced and wholesome diet through the foods we eat, juices and smoothies are a super fast and easy way to consciously aid the body the superfood lift it deserves- we’ve all heard the well known saying  ‘the body is your temple’ and up here in the mountains we are making a conscious effort to keep it pure and clean, creating the best possible version of ourselves. The body is the home which carries us around, so lets take care of it, embrace it and love it. It is the most amazing thing we will ever own, so by nourishing and moving the body we are exercising the ultimate form of self-love and mindfulness.

Why we love liquefying these ingredients (compared to eating them whole) simply comes down to accessibility. Not only are juices and smoothies so handy to carry round in small jar  throughout the day as a little pick me up but when these foods are broken down in your blender you are releasing the beta-caretone stored in cell membranes. This basically makes it easier for the body to absorb all the nutrients and reap the antioxidant effects. In addition you are bypassing the energy consuming process of digestion.

6 simple ingredients:

Turmeric → 1tsp : It has potent anti-inflammatory effects and is a potent antioxidant. The ancient Indian spice protects us against free radicals (which are directly connected to ageing and many diseases). It 1. blocks them directly, then 2. stimulates the body's own antioxidant mechanisms.

Celery →  1-2 sticks : rich in vitamin A, magnesium, and iron celery purifies and nourishes the blood, aids in digestion, relaxes the nerves, reduce blood pressure, and clear up skin problems.

Spinach → a generous handful : everybody's favourite leafy green and I could write about this magic plant for days. To keep it short and sweet; packed with protein spinach contains 15.. FIFTEEN different essential vitamins and minerals. enough said.

Pear → 1 medium size: it comes as an added bonus that this fruit is an excellent source of water-soluble fiber, high in vitamins and minerals, I love including pears in juices, smoothies and breakfast bowls as a natural sweetener.

Cucumber → palm size chunk: the ultimate low key superfood. High in antioxidants, alkalising, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and extremely hydrating! High in plant lignin's which help the bacteria in out digestive tract but *TAPS CHAMPAGNE GLASS AND CLEARS THROAT* they help bind and convert the hormones that cause oestrogen-related cancers.

Lemon →  juices from 1/2: packed with vitamin C we’re talking immunity and anti-inflammatory… do you notice the recurring theme here.

The best tip I have when preparing meals and snacks is to leave skin where possible. We tend to peel a lot of our fruit and veg if we are eating them whole, but by stripping away this layer we remove a large concentration of nutrients and essential fibres. Simply place all ingredients into your juicer and serve chilled. Try to drink a juice first thing in the morning before eating breakfast, this way all the vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed on an empty stomach. You can enjoy severed on ice or alternatively add the flesh of 1 ripe avocado and serve it as a summer soup, simple garnish with fresh herbs and enjoy!

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