Mindfulness in Nature holiday

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Mindfulness in Nature holiday

Are you interested in mindfulness? Are you curious about our relationship with nature? Or perhaps you just need a break to relax and get back to the simple things in life? If so, then this themed holiday at MoaAlm in the pristine Austrian Alpine wilderness is for you! The holiday includes a ‘mindfulness & nature’ course, daily yoga sessions, daily hikes and delicious local organic plant based food. Stunning wild mountain landscapes, Golden Eagles, Ibexes and meadows full of spring flowers await you in East Tirol!
The Mindfulness in Nature holiday will be hosted by Claire Thompson, author of two books and Mindfulness Coach...   

This retreat can be organized during the summer season for a minimum of 4 participants. If you are interested to join us as a solo traveler, couple or with a group then please email us on austria@wearactive.com

Mindfulness in Nature course

Through theory, group discussions, games, exercises and meditations, Claire Thompson, author of 'Mindfulness and the Natural World', and 'The Art of Mindful Birdwatching' will inspire you to notice, enjoy, explore and share experiences of what it feels like to be alive and part of the natural world. 
In particular, this one week course will:
Introduce and explore mindfulness
Explore our relationship with our own experience (body, thoughts, emotions)
Explore our relationship with the natural world around us
Reveal why the practice of mindfulness in nature is essential for happiness and well-being
Introduce a variety of exercises, games and meditations to discover mindfulness in nature
Show how spending time in nature can make us more mindful
Explore why being mindful of nature is essential for creating of a more sustainable world
Reveal that practicing mindfulness in nature is relaxing, peaceful and lots of fun!

Why Mindfulness in Nature?

Being mindful of life within us and around us is the ultimate secret to greater happiness, enjoyment, peace and contentment. What better place to explore this than surrounded by life at its purest: in one of Europe’s largest and wildest nature reserves Hohe Tauern National Park?
Nature is around us and within us always. How would we be here experiencing life if it weren’t for our bodies, air, water, trees, birds, the sun and the sky? The simple answer is that we wouldn’t. Nature gives rise to all life including our own. This means that experiencing the natural world is essential for our happiness and well-being - and there is now plenty of evidence to support this fact. In a fast-paced modern world we live in where we are increasingly disconnected from our natural home, we need to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, today more than ever before. This is where mindfulness comes in.
Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, non-judgmentally and with kind acceptance to our direct experience (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment) in each moment. We tend to live a large portion of our lives on ‘autopilot’, lost in thoughts, without stopping to notice what it really feels like to be alive, moment by moment. Through mindfulness, we can actively decide where we direct our conscious attention. This choice is the secret to a happier, more contented life. The practice of mindfulness is thus the ideal way to explore our experiences of our own lives – but it is also a wonderful way to notice life around us, in the natural world, wherever we are.

Apline pasture
Summer walking at MoaAlm
Yoga at MoaAlm

Daily Program

Our program is subjected to weather conditions and group preferences but a day during our retreat week could look like this:
Yoga & meditation
Mindfulness & nature workshop
Guided hike & nature awareness exercises  
Free time to sit back, relax and read a book
In the middle of the week there is one day off. You could go discovering the mountains, visit the beautiful city of Lienz or relax at MoaAlm and read a book on our sunny terrace!

Price: From €1420pp

Price includes:

Overnight stay: 7x

Meals: 7x breakfast, 6x lunch, 6x dinner

Mindfulness & nature course

A copy of Claire’s book ‘Mindfulness and the Natural world’    

Yoga classes: 5x

Guided hikes: 5x

Transfer from/to Lienz train or bus station

Tourist tax

Price excludes: 

Flights and transfers


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