Plant based food in Austrian Alps

About our Food

A big part of the WearActive holiday is the food. We love cooking, eating, sharing and sourcing locally produced food. In Croatia on the Island of Vis, we have our own lemon tree, in Austria, high in the Alps we have a vegetable garden. In both our locations we grow our own herbs.

We believe that food tastes best when it's fresh, grown close-by and, above all, when it is shared with friends both old and new. In our Croatian and Austrian homes we have a communal dining table - all guests and hosts sit together to share the three course plant based meals. Food enjoyed around a large dining table always taste best when you are all chatting about the days adventure and planning the next day of your active holiday with your new friends.

What our Guests say about our food... 'a 5 star vegan experience that goes over and beyond my wildest dreams. Big thanks to the whole team'

Meal times at WearActive

What kind of food do we serve?

All of the meals we serve are plant based. In Croatia, where Xania is head chef, inspiration is taken from the Vis Island style of cooking, using lots of fresh seasonal Summer vegetables and fruits. In Austria, our chefs create beautiful three course meals each night, changing the recipes weekly and with a consideration to the seasons.
We also serve an afternoon cake, (vegan of course), we believe that an active day should always be rewarded with cake!

Plant based meals

Why did we decide to go Vegan?

When we started WearActive, it was a lifestyle decision that encouraged and formed the concept. We believe a plant based diet provides all the elements you need for a healthy mind, body and perfectly compliments our ‘relaxingly active’ holiday.
We are also passionate about sustainability and believe our holidays should have as little impact on the environment as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this, is by switching to plant based meals.

Vegan holiday

What if I am not Plant based?

The food is so delicious we are sure you will not miss meat and dairy. Most of our guests are not vegan but if you read our reviews you will appreciate how many people love the food we provide. We also value the importance of eating traditional Croatian or Austrian food and there are many opportunities to try  the local cuisine when you are on holiday with us. In Croatia, the Vis Island speciality is fish, and we would be happy to recommend you restaurants that provide local dishes. In Austria the mountain food is cheesy, regional and delicious. As you explore the Alps you can drop into one of the mountain huts to try some of the local dishes.

Wild berry summer fruit vegan cake
Vegan spring rolls with Alpine herbs
Indian meals in Austrian Alps
Seasonal plant based meals in Austria

We can also cater for special diets. Just let us know in advance and we will make sure that there will delicious breakfast, lunch, cake and dinner options for you too.

Check out our recipe page for plant based recipes and more ideas!