Our house is a typical Croatian stone house. We are situated on the south side of Vis island in Rukavac old town. Our part of the village was a small settlement of five homes built by brothers in the early 1900's. At that time our house was a single story dwelling. During World War II it became a meeting place for the 'partisans'.

Later, a second story was added and the ground floor was used to press and store wine. We renovated the property with the help of a local builder, Braco, who is also something of a local hero (certainly to us). Now its our home and a place we love to share with guests, family and friends. We are part of a village community that's only a five minute walk from the magnificent Srebrena beach and a twenty minute paddle to the Green cave on the island of Ravnik. As well as the perfect home, we think it's the perfect holiday location!

Our place offers much more than the usual 'holiday apartment'. Each of the 4 bedrooms are simply and stylishly decorated. All have AC units, hairdryers, and private bathrooms. Our bedrooms are not spacious but they are perfect for a great night sleep after a day of exploring.

The middle floor of the house is a shared space, an open plan room with comfy leather sofas and a place to make a cup of tea and keep the beers cold. From the middle floor you can also access the balcony. The balcony is the perfect place to relax in the late afternoon with a good book and a glass of wine. The balcony is also where we serve the evening meal.

We have no TV, but we do have plenty of games to entertain younger guests and families.


This room has a double bed. It has a private bathroom and a large walk in wardrobe area. It's called the Sanctuary room because when we first renovated the property it was our bedroom and a place that provided the perfect night sleep due to the shutters and the coolness of the old stone walls.


This room can sleep 4 and has a double bed and a bunk bed. The room has a large walk in shower and a separate wardrobe area. It works great for families. Small families (2 or 3) can share this room and larger families often take this room (2 or 3 children) and the Well room next door for parents. These 2 bedrooms share the same private external door.


This room has 2 single beds and a private bathroom. Its the smallest of our rooms, compact and cosy, but it offers the best views of the sea and islands in the bay. Its called the lemon room because you can pick our lemons from your front door.


This room has a double bed. It has a private bathroom with a large walk in shower. Its called the ‘Well room’ because directly below the room is our rain water storage that provides a back up system - it's a small island and not unusual for us to lose mains water on occasion. We like to be prepared!


It's all about being outdoors in the Summer on Vis Island! We have shaded areas for reading and sun blessed areas for lounging. In the evening there is a balcony for eating & relaxing. Make yourself at home in one these shared spaces. Indoor spaces are equally as inviting with access to wifi if you have to stay in contact with the outside world and a wireless speaker for sharing your favourite music with us. In this space you can also make a cup of tea, open a cold beer or sample the Vis island wine!

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