We invite you to join us on the Croatian island of Vis. We offer a variety of guided activities from our renovated stone house. WearActive is not a hotel, but a home from home; to sleep, eat, relax and be active while on your holiday. Our main aim is to share the beauty of Vis island by paddle, peddle and by foot. Exploring under our own steam, making the most out of each day and creating holiday memories. For those that love being active but also want time to relax on holiday you should come and join us. We enjoy the challenge of organising different adventures but we also love sharing why we think Vis is the perfect Croatian holiday location.


Chill out in a home from home! Meals are prepared  from locally grown produce, while you relax with a glass of wine on our sunny terrace or find yourself a quiet corner of our home to start that holiday book. Let WearActive make some of those daily choices and all of the important decisions of the week for you..

Our weeks have no predetermined itinerary, activities are proposed daily to meet guest needs. The aim is to explore our stunning surroundings, whenever possible under our own steam. We like daily adventures and we would love you to join us. We are close to some of the islands best beaches, so if you choose not to join us, we can point you in the right direction!

Remember you are on holiday, all activities are optional. We always enjoy the discussions with everyone about our potential plans for the week but like all good plans, we can always make changes..


When we started the company in 2004 in Croatia, we were recommended to use our family name of Wear. The relax aspect of the holiday was Xania's idea, Craig insisted on as much play as possible. Everything else about the holiday concept came to us naturally, who doesn't like good food, cake and daily adventures? Equally happy on the snowboard, kayak and paddle board, always finding as many reasons as possible to be in the sea. After constant requests from guests that really loved the meals prepared in Croatia, Xania has written a Vegetarian cookbook and is currently in the process of completing a Vegan book, combining recipes from Austria and Croatia.


We both love kayaking, biking, Yoga and snowboarding. Craig's recent passion is the slackline, the higher and further the better! In an attempt to delay the ageing process, Craig is determined to find a playful adventure each day. It seems that everything can be adapted into a game with flexible rules, it will always be competitive and physically challenging. Craig is currently obsessed with handstands and finding new places on Vis island to set up his slackline. Our holiday was designed around providing Craig new people to share his enthusiasm of exploring the island.


Zora, our Vis island dog is an important member of the team. She has stole the hearts of every guest that has visited us and you  cannot help noticing her infamous one ear up and one ear down personality. She seems to relish having her photo taken and will often believe that every seat in the house belongs to her, so you have to be quick when finding a place to read that afternoon book. Her recent obsession is the paddleboard. She is sometimes reluctant to share and has been known to swim a few kilometres to try to get on the board. Thus occasionally testing the balance of our guests! Zora has been around our guests all her life and is super chilled.


Vis Island lies between Italy and Croatia, about 30 miles southwest of Split. At only 56 square miles in size, Vis is the furthest inhabited island from the Croatian coast. It has a hidden harbour that upon arrival reveals wonderful Dalmatian stone houses, churches and evidence of a rich history.  There are some beautiful beaches and coves on the island, especially on the Southern coast. This is where our village of Rukavac is situated. In our village we have a few beaches 10 mins walking distance, the sea a 5 minute walk and we have few beach bars close for a cheeky cold beer in the afternoon.


Our house is a typical Croatian stone house. We are situated on the south side of Vis island in Rukavac old town. Our part of the village was a small settlement of five homes built by brothers in the early 1900's. At that time our house was a single story dwelling. During World War II it became a meeting place for the 'partisans'. Later, a second story was added and the ground floor was used to press and store wine. We renovated the property with the help of a local builder, Braco, who is also something of a local hero (certainly to us).


A big part of the WearActive holidays is about the food. We love cooking, eating and sourcing locally produced food. We have our own lemon tree, herb plants and small vegetable garden.

We believe that food tastes best when it's fresh, is grown close-by and, above all, when it is shared with friends old and new. In both our homes  in Croatia and Austria we have a communal dining table - all guests and hosts sit together to share the meals. Food shared around a large dining table always taste best when you are all chatting about the following days adventure.

We serve 100% vegetarian food and which is also predominantly plant based. Xania, WearActive founder and head chef in Croatia, is a vegetarian herself. For those of you that like to eat meat and fish, there are lots of options in the local restaurants. We serve three evenings meals at the house, giving guests plenty of opportunity to check out some of the best island restaurants and try the local Vis specialities.  

We can also cater for special diets. Just let us know in advance and we will make sure that there will delicious breakfast, lunch, cake and dinner options for you too.

Check out our food page for new recipe ideas....


We strongly believe in the power of the cake. At WearActive we serve a freshly baked cake every activity day. The smell of a cake baking in the oven fills the house, creates a home and strengthens the soul! Because our holidays are 'relaxingly active' we believe it's all guilt free eating?  After a morning of kayaking or a demanding mountain bike climb, you’ve deserved it!


Our daily adventures take us to some truly special places. Hidden bays are perfect places to rest and refuel. What better way to enjoy such places than sharing a picnic together? On our Croatian holidays four lunches are included within your seven day stay with us. Some of those lunches will be prepared as a picnic and taken on the kayaks within the waterproof barrels. We paddle to find a deserted beach to enjoy our lunch and a swim, before returning home just in time for afternoon cake


Our holidays are 'relaxingly active' - we are all about a healthy lifestyle and believe that a glass of wine with dinner or having a drink while enjoying the sun setting on the terrace can be part of a happy, healthy life! We have made an effort to find local suppliers that deliver high quality products and most of all tasty drinks for you to enjoy during your holiday with us.

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