Blueberry vegan cake

Our favourite Recipes

At WearActive we take our inspiration from everywhere. In Croatia we adapt some of the local dishes into  plant based alternatives and in Austria we are inspired by our travels and explorations to other continents as well as the surrounding Alpine Tyrolean mountain cuisine.

We prefer to use local produce, seasonal fruits and vegetables whenever possible. When purchasing things such as spices, coffee beans and basics like lentils, flour and nuts, we try to use companies that strive to be sustainable and have a selection of the best produce for a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. 
We buy in bulk when we can to reduce our carbon imprint.

We would love to share with you some of our recipes that we enjoy to eat and cook at WearActive Croatia, Vis Island and in MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, Austria. We hope that you enjoy a taste of WearActive. You never know maybe these recipes will inspire you to try to increase the amount of plant based and vegan meals into your day?

We are always interested in new ideas. If you have a recipe that you would like to share with us please send us an email:

We also post recipes in Vegan Food and Living, so check out their website for further ideas.

We also post recipes on our Austrian Instagram and Croatia Instagram page. Our plant based cooks at MoaAlm bring with them new inspiration behind many of our recipes and we encourage creativity.

Please #relaxinglyactive to any of our recipes that you share on social media......