Plant Based Pumpkin Lasagna

Plant Based Pumpkin Lasagna

Pumpkin Lasagna...

It’s pumpkin season! Pumpkins are a great source of fibre with a high concentration of potassium, proving that they are not just a gimmick for carving at Halloween!

As in most orange and bright coloured vegetables, pumpkins contain beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A. Vitamin A plays an important role in supporting the immune system, something we should all be conscious of in the current climate. 

Pumpkin Lasagna with Sage
Seasonal Vegan Pumpkin Lasagna

One of our favourite ways to easily add pumpkin into our seasonal diet is just by roasting, adding garlic, sage and olive oil. Sage and pumpkin seems to be the autumn equivalent of the summer tomato and basil combination, a marriage of perfect flavours. 

The recipe we want to share with you combines sage with pumpkin to make a yummy lasagna. We strongly believe that there should be no rules applied to making lasagna. As this is a vegan recipe we don’t use cheese, which already shocks the traditionalists. Add to this the fact that no tomatoes are used in this lasagna and we are potentially facing a mutiny if we offered this across the Italian border close to our location in the Central Eastern Alps of Austria.

plant based pumpkin lasagna
Pumpkin Lasagna with Sage

Anne, our Yoga teacher from Germany made this for us in Austria and we all fell in love with it!

Vegan pumpkin lasagna
Yummy Pumpkin Lasagna

Plant Based Pumpkin lasagna


3 Onions

1 small pumpkin

100g mushrooms

400g spinach

175ml vegetable stock

120ml white wine

3tsp salt

2 crushed garlic cloves

2tbsp yeast flakes

225g vegan yoghurt

lasagna noodles


Olive Oil


Preheat the oven to 200°C

Firstly chop the onions and fry gently in a pan with a splash of olive oil for about 5 mins. Cut the pumpkin and mushroom in 1cm slices and add them to the pan with the onions for a further 5mins. Pour in the wine, stock and salt and simmer for about 15-20min, until the pumpkin is soft. Put the pumpkin mixture to one side to allow it to cool. When it is cool add 150g of the yogurt and add salt and pepper to taste. 

Add the spinach with 3 tbsp water to a separate pan, slowly heating and add the garlic and yeast flakes.

Prepare a lasagna baking dish with a brush of olive oil. Firstly layer the pumpkin mix on the bottom, then spinach and then noodles. Repeat 3 times and finish with pumpkin mix on top.

Add the rest of your yoghurt, spread some sage leaves and sprinkle with some olive oil. 

Bake for 25-30min

Plant based Pumpkin Lasagna
Plant based Pumpkin Lasagna

We would love you to share your favourite plant based lasagna with us. Send us links to your recipes on 

Another favourite plant based pasta recipe that we would like to share is our spinach and cashew ricotta rolls

Autumn in the Austrian Alps is beautiful when the sun is shining. We are really excited however for the snow to arrive and we really hope that you can join us for a snowshoe and yoga holiday at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat.

Happy seasonal baking!