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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to MoaAlm?

MoaAlm is not the easiest destination to get to – in our experience the best places never are, that’s why they avoid the crowds. Depending on your means of transportation we will meet you in/at MoaAlm, Kals (our village, 5 minutes drive to MoaAlm), Huben in Osttirol (a nearby village with a bus stop, 20 minutes drive to MoaAlm), or Lienz (the capital of East Tirol, 30 minutes drive to MoaAlm).

Self Drive
Set your gps to Kals, East Tirol and enjoy the drive. In summer you can drive all the way up to the house. Once you have reached Kals you drive through the village past the church and the small supermarket. You basically leave the village again. At the first Y-fork keep right, following the green signs 'Moaralm'. At the second fork keep left at the beautiful wooden house with the blue/white balconies. Keep all the way right at the third and final fork, driving past a small parking area and up the mountain to MoaAlm. From the final fork it's a 10 minute drive to MoaAlm. In winter you will leave your vehicle at the small parking area just past the final fork. We will drive you the last 2 miles up the local 'Rodel Bahn' (sledging track) also known as our driveway.

Airlines are constantly changing routes and the only way to make sure you have an up to date guide is by going directly to the websites. The nearest airports are Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Innsbruck. Our guests have also flown into Munich and Ljubljana. If you fly into these latter two we advise that you rent a car for transfer to MoaAlm.There are 3 ways to get from the airport to MoaAlm:
1. Airport shuttle taxi: These taxis only operate from Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich airports in the winter: The tourist office provides a shuttle starting from 70EUR per person one-way on Saturdays - please contact us to book this transfer.
2. Public transport: you can travel by train and/or bus from Innsbruck and Salzburg to Lienz or Huben in Osttirol by public transportation. From Innsbruck main train station there is a direct bus to Lienz four times per day (check-out We will pick you up in Lienz or Huben in Osttirol. This is often the cheapest but most time-consuming option. Public transportation in Austria is very reliable and the platforms and directions are clearly indicated. Check-out for up to date timetables and prices or contact us if you need any help sorting out your options!
3. Car rental: You can also rent a car and drive yourself. This option allows you to explore on your way here. For example, you could skip the Felbertauern tunnel and take the Grossglockner Hoch Alpin Strasse into Osttirol - a stunning mountain road with amazing views. Car rental starts at 140EUR per week. Please check-out for more info.

If you don't like flying or driving yourself it might be a good idea to take a train all the way to Austria. The land links in Austria are very reliable and you can find out details of options and prices at - make sure you type 'Lienz in Osttirol' or 'Huben in Osttirol' as your destinations.

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes we do! Just let us know your allergies or dietary preferences in advance and we are happy to cater for you. We have experience in catering for vegetarian-, vegan-, gluten-free-, lactose-free- and other diets.

Do you have to be really fit?

For some holidays (such as our 'Climb Grossglockner Mountaineering week) we have set specific fitness requirements. But for most holidays a general level of fitness that allows you to get out daily and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains is enough - if you have a basic fitness level (doing cardio or endurance sports at least one hour a week) and no serious knee injuries you will be able to join us on all activities.

What is the minimum age for kids?

Children of all ages are welcome during our family weeks and winter holiday weeks. However, some group activities require a minimum age or endurance. In general 10 year olds are able to join in all activities. In addition to the group activities there is lots more to do and explore in the area for the younger children: there are playgrounds, climbing parks, a swimming pool, a swimming lake, an alpine zoo and a roller-coaster in the area. At MoaAlm we have loads of games, a table-tennis table and for the smallest guests we can set up a mini-pool in summer.

Is it suitable for a singe traveller?

Yes - our holidays are a great way to meet other people and make new friends. For some of our rooms we charge a single room supplement.

Is it suitable for groups?

Yes! You can book any of our holidays as a group. It is also possible to rent out the entire house - please contact us for more information.

Do I have to do all the activities?

No, the daily plan is designed around your preferences but everything is optional. If you like to go on a self-guided tour we are happy to provide you with maps and suggestions!

Do you have wireless internet connection?

Yes, you can stay connected if you feel the need to.

Does MoaAlm have job openings?

Yes! Every season we are looking for people that love living in the mountains as much as we do to support our team. If you are interested to help us in return for food & board and an unforgettable experience... Contact us!