Vegan Welsh Cakes

Vegan Welsh Cakes

We have a very inclusive kitchen at MoaAlm, bringing cooking influences from travel, Austria and national dishes of our team. Welsh born Xania, co-owner, with her English husband Craig, are equally passionate about activities outdoors, such as snowboarding and their love of the mountains. During February and March however, a division becomes very apparent. The cause of this friction is a game with an oval shaped ball with teams from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, France and Italy; the annual 6 Nations Rugby tournament. Lottie, our English but Scottish loving manger, who’s heart belongs to her Austrian home, Hungarian dog and Irish fiancé, Ryan (confused yet?) decided to bridge the nationalistic divide with food. 

Vegan Welsh Cakes
Vegan Welsh Cakes

This recipe is from Welsh rugby loving vegan chef, Gaz Oakley. His recipes have been a big hit in the MoaAlm kitchen and we also enjoy watching his YouTube channel for further cooking inspiration. A Welsh Cake is a very traditional simple cake that used to be cooked on an open fire on a grid stone, a cast iron flat griddle. 

Welsh Cakes


225g plain flour

100g vegan margarine

75g caster sugar

½ tsp baking powder

75g currants

¼ tsp mixed spice

A pinch salt

100ml Almond milk 


Add all the dry Welsh Cake ingredients to a large mixing bowl, mixing thoroughly. Add the vegan margarine and rub into the flour mixture to form a breadcrumb like consistency. Pour in the milk gradually until it forms a dough. Put the dough onto a floured surface. Roll to about 2cm in thickness, cut into disks around 5cm in diameter. Cook until golden on each side in a lightly oiled heavy based pan over a medium heat. Then coat in sugar. 

Vegan Welsh Cakes
Vegan Welsh Cakes

This is a really simple recipe, we devoured them warm and straight from the pan. As divided as we may be in which team we are supporting in the Rugby tournament, we have an equal love of this recipe.  

Watching a game not known that well within Austria, eating a cake traditionally from the mining communities in 19th Century Wales and after a day of ski touring to Glorerhutte, East Tirol, makes us really happy to be part of an international community. 

Ski Tour to Glorerhutte, Osttirol, Austria
Lottie and Szuka, ski tour to Glorerhutte, Osttirol.

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Happy Baking!