Skiing in GG resort Austria


Snowboard and Yoga

At initial glance, the combination of snowboarding and yoga may seem like slight insanity. But the more you look into it and think about it, they are born to be a double act. For us at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, they make the perfect winter activity holiday combination!

Snowboarding is a dynamic sport that requires strength and balance, Yoga is a practice that improves strength and balance. Think of the early stages of learning to snowboard and then think of warrior 2, how can you not master a toe turn in snowboarding if you have an understanding of the posture required in warrior!

At our stunning remote location in East Tirol, Austria has the bonus of being a snowboard away from being in one of the most snow-sure regions of the Austria Alps. MoaAlm can accommodate 12 guests, we have a beautiful yoga studio with a stunning view of the mountains and we offer plant based meals that we love to prepare and share with you.

Yoga in the Mountains

Beginning the day with a flowing practice allows you to prepare the body and mind for a day on the snowboard. Our yoga classes will focus on helping you open up the whole front of our body while strengthening all the muscles that we need for snowboarding. Balance is imperative to boarding and our yoga sessions will help develop your confidence and center your riding. The other benefit of our yoga at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, is that will help your body with recovery. It will become a support system to help with healing and by adding Yin and Restorative sessions, the muscles will be thankful, ready to attack the piste the next day.

Did we mention our wood burning hot tub?


Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner we can accommodate your snowboarding. Our local resort, GG resort has no waiting lines for the lifts and the many restaurants on the slopes serve local specialities at friendlier prices than most ski resorts in Europe. Never snowboarded before? Don't worry we can arrange lessons for you. If you are a confident snowboarder ready for a new off piste challenge, maybe you should take a look at our Splitboarding course, designed to improve your powder boarding experience.

Other Winter Activities

At MoaAlm Mountain Retreat we love lots of different Alpine adventures and we are keen to share them with you. During the weeks holiday with us, there will also be the opportunity to switch a day snowboarding for a day of snowshoe hiking or the chance to try some cross country skiing. The region around our location has so much to offer!

We look forward to sharing this wonderful area with you and hope to see you on the piste and in the yoga studio! If you want to join us for a week of winter activity, our season runs from December 10th to April 15th....