Family winter hiking in Austria


Snowshoe Walking

If walking through snow covered trees to reach a panoramic alpine view is something that appeals to you, then snowshoe hiking or winter walking should be your next Austrian mountain adventure!

Creating fresh tracks with the guidance of our winter hiking guide at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat is the perfect way to explore the Alpine region of East Tyrol. Our walks are about the rewards of being within the fresh mountain air, connecting with nature and the making the most of the natural environment. Snowshoe hiking requires no new skills, if you love walking then you will love snowshoeing. The only difficulty will be deciding whether to ever ski again in the winter time and where your next snowshoe adventure will take you!

The Austrians embrace their natural surroundings and have multiple ways of making the most of the mountain environment. Exploring the snow on a pair of snowshoes is as easy as putting on an extra pair of shoes. The snowshoes are not a winter fashion accessory, they have been around for a longtime and are essential for walking and hiking in the deep snow. They allow you to float on the snowy surface area, with the hiking poles to help with balance and control. Even though you are moving generally slower than walking on grass terrain, snowshoeing allows you to explore what would otherwise be inaccessible.

Our location at MoaAlm is on the edge of the Hohe Tauren, Austria’s largest national park. Highlights of the national park are the numerous high peaks, many over 3000m, its glaciers, alpine creeks, lakes and of course the untouched snowy mountainous natural environment. We can snowshoe hike in the shadow of Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain or follow forest trails in the search of animal tracks.

With our local MoaAlm knowledge and with the experience of our winter hiking guide, we can create daily routes, suitable to the winter conditions, making the most of the dreamy Alpine surroundings and our fitness levels. Some of our snowshoe hikes will last the full day, while other walks will last a couple of hours, stopping for a scenic picnic in the winter sun on a high mountain vista. We also have some wonderful authentic mountain huts we can take refuge in, refuel, enjoy some hearty Austrian cuisine and sample a local East Tyrolean schnapps which is a source of instant winter warmth!

Winter walking in Lucknerhaus

Snowshoe Equipment

At MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, we provide the snowshoes and also a pair of hiking poles. Snowshoes are basically just an extra pair of shoes, that have a wide flat base, that you fasten onto to your existing walking boots. We suggest that you wear waterproof hiking boots and not shoes. With regards to clothing we recommend a thin thermal base layer, a soft mid layer, a down jacket, a waterproof hardshell, waterproof trousers, waterproof gloves and a hat.

The other items we find really helpful are a pair of inner gloves, sunglasses and a neck gaiter. The suggested layers of clothing are due to the fact that, unlike downhill skiing, you really generate some body heat when hiking uphill, but then when you are in the shade and walking downhill you may appreciate the extra warmth. We always advise a backpack with a water bottle and an extra warm layer.

The other item we recommend you take in your backpack is the small pair of binoculars that we provide in every guest room at MoaAlm. This will help you spot all the wildlife that is in abundance in this little bit of mountain paradise!

If you want to join us for a week of winter activity, check out our snowshoe and yoga holiday or send us an email

Happy winter hiking!

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