How to make Tofu tasty

How to make Tofu tasty

How to make tofu tasty

For people on a plant based diet, tofu can be a great source of protein, with one typical serving containing up to 40gr. However, it is difficult to make tofu tasty, and often we end up with a limp and tasteless slab of white on our plates. But tofu can be an amazing, flavourful addition to a meal, easily replacing meat, and convincing our non  plant-based friends that their protein can come from other sources. But how?

*The following techniques are for firm tofu only

Please consider where your tofu comes from

Take care when choosing your tofu - soya production is one of the major contributors to the destruction of rainforests in the Amazon. Whilst it is true that most of the soy produced in the Amazon is used for animal feeds, as consumers we have the power to change destructive industries by choosing soy products which have been responsibly farmed.  With the growth in the popularity of soy products, many countries are now growing their own soy, including here in Austria where the company ‘joya’ farms organic soya beans near to Vienna. 

Soya Beans Cultivated in Austria
Soya Beans Cultivated in Austria

Drain well

Tofu has a high water content. A wet tofu is unable to soak up marinades, and harder to crisp in your pan. There are two ways you can drain your tofu:

  1. Wrap your tofu in a clean dishcloth and place a wooden chopping board on top. Weigh the board down with something heavy such as a large pan of water. Leave for one hour. 
  2. Cut your tofu into cubes and place into a pan of boiling water for five minutes until the tofu becomes soft. Remove the tofu from the pan and leave to drain in a collider. The tofu will become firm but retain a smooth texture.


Key to flavoursome tofu is a good marinade. Tofu itself has very little flavour but readily soaks up a great marinade. 

- When marinating tofu it is important not to use oil. Oil can form a barrier around your tofu which prevents it from soaking up all the good flavours. Instead use a ‘conductor’ such as vinegar or even a little water to ensure equal distribution of flavours. 

- Ensure your marinade contains a little sugar. This will crisp up upon cooking, leading to a great, crunchy texture. A balsamic vinegar, hoisin sauce or agave nectar could be used here. Take care to fry your tofu on a medium heat to prevent your sugar content from burning and leaving you with a bitter after taste. 

- Prick your tofu all over with a fork to ensure it soaks up the marinade. Depending on the thickness of your tofu, it will need between fifteen minutes and 12 hours to effectively marinade. The thicker the tofu, the longer the time needed. 

-Don’t be afraid to use marinade recipes you may have used for meat - just leave out the oil. 

How to Marinade Tofu
Marinaded Tofu at MoaAlm


Roll slices or cubes of marinated tofu in some rice flour, potato starch, corn flour or grated coconut before pan-frying for an extra-crispy crust. Be sure to use a non-stick pan with a generous amount of oil. Deep-frying or air frying is also an option.

Serve Fresh

Your lovely crispy tofu will get a bit soggy if left too long before eating. Serve it fresh from the pan for the perfect flavour and texture. 

How to Make Tofu Tasty
Crispy Tofu Straight From the Pan

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