Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is one of the classics of the risotto family. Tasty, creamy, very satisfying and this winter we have been preparing it almost every week for our guests, because everybody just loves it!

At MoaAlm we have an area behind the house that is a magical forested oasis. Late September it has edible mushrooms for us to forage and prepare seasonal meals for us and our guests. During the winter, while the snow is on the ground, we still love exploring the forested area as we can get an idea of how active our four legged friends and neighbours have been. The deer, snow hare, fox and mountain goat tracks pattern the snow within the trees and huge slate boulders. As spring is now upon us, the deer in particular have been really active as they gain more energy after the winter and prepare for the summer.

A deer in the forest behind MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
A Deer in the Forest Behind MoaAlm

The recipe is quite simple, but every step is essential to make it perfectly creamy and full of flavour. If you can find fresh porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis), that would be the best, but it’s still really tasty with other types of fresh mushrooms like Champignons. What’s important though, since they are not very tasty on their own, it’s to mix them with some dried porcini mushrooms.

Another important ingredient is obviously the type of rice. For traditional risottos like this one, our go to is Carnaroli rice, an Italian medium-grain rice, which makes the creamiest risotto thanks to its high starch content, while also staying “al dente” because of its firm texture.

Vegan Mushroom Risotto
Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Vegan Mushroom Risotto


For 4 people.

320 g of Carnaroli rice

300 g of fresh champignons or porcini

40 g of dried porcini mushrooms

1.5 l of veggie broth

1/2 glass of white wine

2 cloves of garlic

50 g of vegan butter

2 tbsp of nutritional yeast (optional)

extra virgin olive oil

parsley to taste

salt and black pepper to taste


Let’s start by cleaning the mushrooms, separating the stems and washing them under running water and cleaning the mushroom caps with a damp cloth to remove any mud residues.

Make the veggie broth using carrots, celery, onions, bay leaves and the stems of the fresh mushrooms, since they are not going to be used in the risotto.

Cut the fresh mushrooms into pieces and keep them aside. Soak the dried mushrooms in hot water for 15 minutes to rehydrate them and then cut them into smaller pieces if needed.

Dry roast the rice in a pan for a few minutes, to ensure it keeps its shape during cooking, then set aside.

Pour a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil into the pan, then add the thinly cut garlic cloves and the mushrooms (fresh and dried ones). Add also the rice and mix well.

Simmer with white wine and start cooking the rice by adding the veggie broth a ladle at a time.

Keep cooking the risotto by adding a ladleful of broth at a time, waiting for the rice to completely absorb the liquid before adding more. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon to prevent the rice from sticking to the pan and adjust the salt.

When the rice is cooked (taste to make sure it is) stir in the risotto a knob of plant based butter and if you would like to give an extra “cheesy” taste, you can also add two tablespoons of nutritional yeast.

Serve immediately, with a sprinkle of pepper and some chopped parsley to taste.

Hiking on the forest in Kals Am Grossglockner, Austria
A Guided Hike in the Forest of Kals Am Grossglockner

This mushroom risotto, made by Alessia, of Vegan Side of The Moon, our vegan chef this winter in Austria at MoaAlm, was a huge hit with our guests this season. The earthy texture and taste seems so symbolic of the changing seasons at MoaAlm. This summer we once again look forward to exploring the forested areas of Kals Am Grossglockner as well as the higher mountain trails. 

Let us know if you make this risotto and if you made any changes to the recipe. If you share your risotto on social media, we would love to be tagged #moaalmretreat and #relaxinglyactive

Happy Cooking!