Celebrating Veganuary in Austria

Celebrating Veganuary in Austria

Here at the MoaAlm we are very proud to be serving delicious plant-based food every day. As ‘Veganuary’ approaches, millions of people around the world will ditch animal products for one month. January is the month of new promises, with changes in diet and healthier choices. We want to explain a little about why, high in the Austrian Alps, we became plant based all year round and give you some tips on how to make the switch yourself in the New Year.

Vegan Hotel MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, Austria
What’s the difference between plant based and vegan?

Essentially the two phrases mean the same thing. However, we believe the  word ‘vegan’ tells you what you cannot eat (any animal products). Whereas the words ‘plant-based’ tell you what you can eat (anything made from solely plants). We like plants as much as we like positive thinking! 

Why did we go plant based?
Personal Health:

Who doesn’t want to be strong and healthy? When we switched to a plant based diet we noticed an increase in our energy levels, healthier looking skin and hair and felt the strongest we had ever been. This was enough evidence for us, but it turns out many athletes are also now turning plant based. A vegan diet has been scientifically proven to aid faster recovery from sports injuries, significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer, as well as improve performance in the bedroom! What is not to like?  If you are interested in the science behind plant based diets and the benefits to your health, we can recommend the film ‘Game Changers.’ The books ‘The China Study’  by T. Colin Campbell and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II and ‘How Not to Die’ by Michael Greger, M.D are also fascinating insights into the science behind a vegan diet. 

Climate Crisis:

You don’t need to do much research to know that we are all facing a climate crisis. Here in East Tyrol, according to the official Grossglockner website since 2014, the glacial lobe has melted by 2.5 km. The weather is also being more and more unpredictable, and our wild, rare animals are losing their natural habitat. We are all responsible for that. We are all consuming too much while increasing our carbon emissions. Livestock rearing contributes to global warming through the methane gas the animals produce, but also via deforestation to expand pastures. When eating one meat burger, you will contribute towards land exploitation, extreme use of water, and high carbon emissions. Becoming plant based is only part of the solution to this crisis, but we hope it will help us to move towards a balance with our environment.  

Animal Cruelty:

Many people choose to go plant based when they learn more about how their meat is farmed and produced. Many animals suffer extreme pain and cruelty to produce enough meat for growing human consumption. So often the cruelty animals face is hidden from public view. Considering that as humans, we do not need meat to survive, it seems cruel to put animals through such pain for the pleasure of our taste buds. Also vegetables taste amazing!

plant based Austrian holiday
Celebrating Vegetables at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
I want to try Veganuary, but where do I start?
Keep it simple:

Buy organic, fresh vegetables. Cook them simply and you can't go wrong. 

Don’t try and change your diet all at once. Try a vegan night once a week and build up to a complete switch.

Start with simple recipes, replace the meat in your bolognese with vegetables, or your cheese sandwich for a hummus and falafel wrap. 

falafel plant based meals
Everybody loves Falafels!
Search for inspiration:

Our plant based chefs here at MoaAlm are constantly scouring Instagram and Pinterest for links to new food blogs with exciting inspiration. Some of our favourites are ‘Eat This', ‘Guardian Food’ and ‘Minimalist Baker’. We even have our own food blog with simple recipes here!

Visit us!

Want some help to kick start your Veganuary? Make it easy by having us cook for you! If you are trying #Veganuary we will give you €100 discount for one of our winter activity holidays for the month of January! Just mention this blog posting when sending us an email on austria@wearactive.com. Enjoy daily winter activities from our stunning mountain base, at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, high in the Austrian Alps, before coming home to enjoy three courses of vegan delights!