Cycling on Vis Island

Cycling on Vis Island

Warning....pretty biking pictures and an artistic homemade biking video. No glossy drone shots in this post!

biking on Vis Island Croatia
Craig, from WearActive biking in Ruda Bay, Vis Island © Neil Pedroe

On the Croatian Island of Vis we have a variety of rideable terrain, allowing you to explore the heart of the island. When arriving at WearActive, the lure of the sea draws everyones attention initially to the kayaking and enjoying the paddle board. The Adriatic is obviously wonderful, clear seas and stunning paddling, but so is the cycling! After a days biking with us, everyone is super enthusiastic about the ride experience. Relishing the chance to explore other parts of Vis island and appreciate the inland scenery.

In Vis town you will notice how everyone loves to bike along the waterfront from from Grandovac, the east side of the natural harbour to the hotel beach on Prirovo. Young children bike to school, nuns bike to church, and tourists head off their yacht to assemble their portable bikes and cycle to the shops to stock up on food and wine. The waterfront is flat, cobbled streets run parallel and cycling through the town to the beach in the cooler part of the day makes perfect sense.

Biking in Komiza, Vis Island Croatia
Biking along the waterfront in Komiza Bay

Vis Island though also has the option of single track biking, challenging off road routes, or staying on the quiet roads heading down to the fishing village of Komiza. For the serious biker we believe the island has enough to keep you motivated and the views are always rewarding. There's not much flat terrain after you leave the comfort of Vis waterfront and you have to be prepared to embrace the hills. For every uphill there is equally a wonderful scenic downhill! At WearActive, we have the advantage of being able to split the groups if everyone has a different biking preference and different fitness levels. For some, the challenge of biking from our base in Rukavac to Komiza is enough, for other cyclists, they want to do a full loop of the island with the potential of challenging themselves to some of the off road terrain. We have had guests wake up early to try to break the island biking record and we have had toddlers in the bike seat giggling with joy as they yell at their parents to peddle faster!

One of the more challenging rides is from the highest point on the island Mount Hum, back to sea level on old Dalmatian stone walls on off road tracks and through vineyards. The view from the top is worth the climb!

We provide all the bikes and helmets for your safety. The bikes we use are either Trek or Cube and are all hard tail mountain bikes. They are constantly serviced by ourselves and we replace bikes annually to maintain an excellent WearActive bike crew. We also have bikes for all different sizes, allowing children to be able to join in the biking adventure. We realise for some teenagers, we have to lure them with the promise of pizza and ice cream at the end of the trip, but we are able to convince them. The Landrover defender is always available to bring guests back if they decide to stop after lunch.

Biking through the Vineyards on Vis Island, Croatia
Biking through the Vineyards

Looking forward to sharing the terrain with you in the future! For more information about our activity holidays on Vis Island checkout our website...

Everyone needs something to look forward to this summer, so we've made all our adventures easier to book - no penalties for rescheduling and full payment just two weeks before travel!

Happy safe travels!