Mountain Yoga at MoaAlm

Mountain Yoga at MoaAlm


At MoaAlm, we believe part of a relaxing holiday is putting time aside each day for relaxation and yoga. 

Mountain Relaxation at MoaAlm Retreat Austria
Relaxation in the Mountains at MoaAlm

Our Yoga classes are designed to give you full support during your mountain holiday. Whether you are here for hiking, snowshoeing or langlaufen,  we take care to ensure you are relaxed in both mind and body.  

Mountain Yoga at MoaAlm Retreat, Austria
Mountain Yoga in Osttirol

Each morning we will gently wake up and open up the body, warm up all the joints with vinyasa flows, Sun Salutations, a few stretches and final relaxation (Savasana).

Breathing (Pranayama) is a powerful instrument to improve the quality of your performance. Deep breathing and synchronised movements with a breath, while in a yoga class will improve the blood circulation, open the lungs and prepare the body for your day in the mountains.

San Salutation is a traditional morning yoga practice, performed in cyclic order and a dynamic way. We often practise those during morning classes in MoaAlm to make sure you are boosted with new vital energy and ready for the day.

Sun Salutation at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, Austria
Sun Salutation at MoaAlm

Guided Relaxation (Savasana) is a lovely healing practice which helps to remove the tensions from the body, recover faster, so you get ready for the new adventure in the mountains.

Guided Savasana at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Guided Savasana at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

 In the evening we might offer a relaxing Yin or Restorative Yoga class to make sure you rest and recharge after your mountain adventures.  Yin Yoga combines aspects of Hatha and the concept of the meridians in Chinese medicine.  It is slow-paced practice in which poses are held for 3+ minutes. Targeting the connective tissues, ligaments, organs, immune system, bones, and joints. 

Restorative Yoga at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Restorative Yoga at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

Restorative Yoga is soft, well-supported practice which leads to complete  relaxation of body and mind and improves capacity for healing and balancing.

Yin Yoga at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat


All of this forms a relaxing beginning and end to your days in the mountains.

See you in the mountains!