Ski Touring in Kals Am Grossglockner

Ski Touring in Kals Am Grossglockner

Ski Touring To Glorer Hutte, Kals Am Grossglocnker.

Did you know we run a ski tour week here at MoaAlm? For one week only we offer something a bit different from our usual winter holiday. Full of laughter, and a great learning experience, we love working with local guide Christian to show our guests some of the best tours in Osttirol. 

Ski Touring in Kals Am Grossglockner
A Ski Tour During Our Specialist Week at MoaAlm

If you don't know what ski touring or split boarding is yet, let us tell you. It is a great way to escape the ski resort, and head into the backcountry. Experience the wildness of the mountains and test your endurance. Tourers have a different kind of ski/board to a downhill skier or boarder. The bindings allow the heel of the foot to move away from the ski and therefore traverse uphill. Of course, they would slide back down if it were not for the skins they attach under the ski. The skins are similar to pieces of carpet, but are designed so that the small hairs do not allow the tourer to slide back, only forwards, therefore propelling them up the slope. 

Ski Tour to Glorer Hutte, Kals Am Grossglockner
Ski Tour to Glorer Hutte

To celebrate our upcoming ski tour week we thought we would share one of our favourite ski tours in Kals.

Destination: Glorer Hutte (2651m)

Climbing: 760m

Tour length: 5km

Estimated Time: 3hr

Pubs enroute: Glorer Hutte and LucknerHaus

The tour begins at the Lucknerhaus carpark with a stunning view of the Grossglockner. From here you wind your way up the summer track, through beautiful forest. It is common that you will spot a few Gams here in winter time. As you move above the treeline, the view opens up over Boses Weibel and behind you over the Glockner ski resort and beyond. 

Views of Grossglockner from Lucknerhaus
View of Grossglockner from Lucknerhaus

Take a small break at the emergency shelter, where you can rest on a small bench and enjoy the crisp mountain air.

Ski Tour to Glorer Hutte Austria
The Final Traverse to Glorer Hutte

From here, the way is less steep, but has a few tricky traverses. You make your way to the left of the cable car, and some may decide to bear further left to tackle Weißer Knotten. This can be a great addition, especially after fresh snow, as it is known for holding great powder. 

Tourers don’t see the crooked roof of the Glorer Hutte until they are nearly upon it, with maybe just 100m of climbing left. As the roof appears, the smoke from the chimney is always a comforting sight, promising beer and hot food!

Glorer Hutte in Osttirol Austria
The Beautiful Glorer Hutte

Wolfgang and his team always offer a hearty welcome into their cosy hut, which feels more like their living room. With schnapps on the table, warm soup boiling away in the kitchen, it is time to enjoy a simple rest. 

The ski down from Glorer Hutte can traverse either the left or right hand side of the valley, with a gully running down the middle. The left side has a lengthy traverse, but often holds more powder as you make your way down through the treeline The right side is more often skied and in spring conditions can often be the better descent.

Even if you are still full from the delicious soup of Glorer hut, Lucknerhaus is worth a visit. Even just for a local beer and some pommes! Also when you return to MoaAlm there is always coffee and cake...

Coffee and Cake at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Coffee and Cake Time at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

We are fully booked this year, but why not send us a message and secure your spot for next winter!?