Austrian Alps in Spring

Austrian Alps in Spring

Austria is famous for its beautiful Christmas Markets, selling Gluhwein, Hot Apple juice and a host of trinkets. But did you know that traditional markets also appear at Easter time in Osttirol?

Austria is historically a Catholic country, and therefore Spring and Easter play a significant part in the yearly calendar. Each small town and village will have its own Palm Sunday parade, where people in rural communities take  bouquets made of seven different weeds, each with its own symbolism, attached to a stick on a church. Perhaps more familiar to the observer, will be the delicate painted eggs that hang from Easter trees, or are hidden for children to find. The markets are laden with chocolate eggs and other hand crafted goodies to give to your loved ones. 

Away from the towns and villages, Spring in the mountains makes an appearance with the melting snow. Fields that were white for six months over wintertime, become a purple carpet of crocuses. The small song birds start to reappear higher up the mountains, and the marmots emerge from their winter hibernation.

springtime in the Austrian Alps East Tirol
Spring in the Alps

This is an incredible time to be in the Alps. With fewer tourists than in summer, the mountains feel even more wild and remote. The snow melt feeds the rivers so they roar through the valleys, and the early spring leaves bud on the Larch trees. The ski pistes of winter are long gone, and farmers are at work ploughing the fields. Cows that have been kept in the barn all winter are released with joy into the green fields, and life returns to the high Alps. 

Alpine cows grazing in the Spring Austrian Sun
Happy Cows!

Interested in experiencing this unique time in the Alps? MoaAlm is perfectly located in the traditional Alpine village of Kals am Grossglockner, East Tirol. Our small community enjoys many festive celebrations together and our unique location on the edge of Hohe Tauren National Park allows us to fully enjoy the change of seasons. 

Relaxing in the Alps MoaAlm Mountain Retreat Austria
Relaxing in the Alpine wild flowers

If you want to join us for a late winter or Early Summer get away, then send us a message...

We look forward to sharing this beautiful part of Austria with you and being part of your Easter celebration.