Veganuary Inspiration

Veganuary Inspiration

Our top recommendations for Veganuary inspiration!

With Veganuary fast approaching, we thought we would help you along the way by sharing where we find our vegan cooking inspiration. From widely known chefs such as Meera Sodha, to beautiful Insta accounts such as Lazy Cat Kitchen, we rely on a wealth of resources to create our delicious MoaAlm meals

For Vegan Basics:

Minimalist Baker: You cannot beat Minimalist baker for simple vegan recipes and a clear introduction to the vegan basics. Never made cashew cheese? Aquafaba a mystery to you? Follow her clear and simple recipes and get clued in on what you can do with just plants!

Vegan Tiramisu at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Vegan Tiramisu at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

For Vegan Baking:

Nirvana cakery: Specialised ingredients, but beautiful results. Perfect for those who follow gluten free vegan diets and still want to enjoy sweet treats.

Addicted to Dates: Beautiful Instagram account with simple recipes for cookies, cakes and more. 

Cookie and Cate: A blog focussed on whole foods and veganism. We particularly love the recipe for vegan pancakes. 

Vegan Pancakes at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Vegan Pancakes at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

For Main Meal Inspiration:

Meera Sodha: Meera’s cookbook East is never far from our kitchen. A chef from a mixed heritage background, her inspiration comes from Indian and Indonesian cooking. With recipes that always work, clear cooking instructions and beautiful photography, East should be on the bookshelf of any budding vegan chef. An online couple from Germany who publish a beautiful blog alongside various cookbooks. The blog offers something different to most others out there, with unique recipes usually with a German twist. We particularly love their sweet pie recipes. 

Gaz Oakley: The poster boy of vegan cooking, this Welsh chef is a big name in the vegan world. His youtube channel is great, and recipes good for inspiration. We do find his recipe books hit and miss. 

For Quick and Easy vegan dinners:

Lazy Cat Kitchen: Bristol based chef with a great Instagram account and clear and simple recipes. 

Anna Jones: You can never go wrong with an Anna Jones recipe. Her stunning cookbooks offer more than just recipes. She writes about the sustainable kitchen and how to ensure your cooking has a minimum impact on the environment. We love her latest offering ‘One pot, pan, planet’

Our favourite Vegan Cookbooks at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Vegan Cookbook Inspiration at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

For the more Advanced Vegan Chef:

‘Plants Taste Better’ by Richard Buckley:  Been cooking vegan for a while and want to up your game? We love this new book by Richard Buckley. From candied fennel with semi fredo to beautiful pistachio pate, there is a challenge for every chef. 

Vegan Richa: For those of you with a love of Indian food, recipes from Vegan Richa’s online blog or cookbooks can be simple or complex, depending on how you choose to combine them. We love her Indian sweet recipes and often mix a starter from Meera Sodha with a curry from Vegan Richa on our menu. 

‘Wild’ by Joel and Aiste Gazdar: Our favourite cookbook for inspiring our summer menu. We fell in love with the complex combinations of umami flavours and interesting ingredients. For the foragers amongst you, find recipes here for seaweed cheesecakes. 

A vegan feast at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
An Indian Vegan Feast at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

We would love to hear about your veganuary journey. Why not share your photos with us using the hashtag #relaxinglyactive 

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