Veggie Vegan Austrian Breakfast

Veggie Vegan Austrian Breakfast

MoaAlm Vegan and Vegetarian Breakfast

It is not easy to find a Vegan/Vegetarian breakfast in the heart of the Austrian Alps. We love that here at MoaAlm we offer something unique and special. Lots of you have already checked out our delicious homemade buckwheat granola recipe, which we serve alongside organic fruits, nuts and seeds. But what really adds the wow factor to our breakfast is produce from our friends in our valley. We are lucky that Kals and the surrounding area are rich in independent food producers. We want to take the opportunity to introduce a few of them to you. 

Breakfast at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Breakfast at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

Home made jams and syrups

We absolutely love the unique jams and spreads made by Andrea at Bergrestaurant Glocknerblick. An expert in the local flora and fauna, Andrea not only makes delicious jams. She creates her own tea blends, healing oils, and handicrafts. You can visit her all year round in her beautiful hut on the hill opposite MoaAlm. 


Kals has a long tradition of dairy farming. The last years have seen the growth of a community collaboration to create organic dairy products in the valley. Cheesemaker Figerhof led the way with their goats cheese, but milk from our neighbours at Schneiderhof and Spottling Taurer, now contributes to the delicious Schnittkase we serve at breakfast. 

Figerhof Cheesemaker in Kals Am Grossglockner
The Figerhof Farm in Kals Am Grossglocnker

Vegan bread

Like many of our neighbours we love the bread made by the Steiner Bakery in Huben. We serve a selection of their breads each day, but we love the vollkornbrot. This dark bread is made without any animal products and is perfect for our vegan guests. 


In summer we make use of the excellent service provided by Tiroler Gemuserkiste. They visit us weekly to deliver boxes full of seasonal vegetables, all grown as locally as possible. Each week is a surprise and our chefs enjoy the challenge this gives them in the kitchen. The local salads are served alongside our homegrown salad for breakfast.

Tiroler Gemuserkiste at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

Our own spreads and dips

Each week we make a selection of vegan spreads and dips to pop into sandwiches, or to devour at breakfast. A number of these recipes can be found our our website here

Veggie Vegan Breakfast at MoaAlm, Austria
Veggie and Vegan Breakfast at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

What else?

We take the opportunity to regularly visit the Kals Hanwerksladen to see what new delicacies have made it to the shelves. In summer we purchase a few bags of spelt flour made at the local Schneider farm to bake our famous vegan cakes with. Every Thursday in summer, the old flour mills in the valley are put to work and we can enjoy some traditional Kals bread.

We are so proud to be part of the unique community of Kals underneath the Grossglockner. Eating locally and supporting our community is really important to us. We hope you will enjoy trying the range of delicacies available when you visit us soon!

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