Kals Am Grossglockner, Hohe Tauren National park


Cross Country Skiing

If you are new to Alpine activities, then cross country skiing, or Langlauf as it’s called in Austria, may be the perfect introduction to the mountains. It doesn’t have the same intensity of being on the ski piste on downhill skis, there's no waiting around at ski lifts or jostling with families to get on to the gondola. Cross country skiing takes you away from the crowds, alongside forest trails, river paths and within nature. It can be a fantastic full body workout. It also allows you to be outdoors, with the fresh healthy mountain air pumping through your lungs. The other important reason for us at MoaAlm for participating and potentially learning this new winter skill, is that Cross country skiing can also be great fun!

There are two types of cross-country skiing. One is called classic-skiing, and the other skate-skiing. We focus on the classic style, but we can also provide the equipment for the skate style if you already have previous skating experience. Classic style is much gentler, easier for beginners to enjoy and progress. For the classic style you don’t require any downhill skiing knowledge, just a desire and the enthusiasm to try something new. When we take guests Cross country skiing for the first time, we always start on flat trails within the Kals Am Grossglockner valley in East Tirol. On first encounter, we all tend to gently shuffle the skis forward. Eventually, as you start to feel more confident, you will move forward with a glide, using the ski poles intuitively for balance. The glide onwards develops with more speed and grace. If this sounds a bit daunting and complicated, don’t worry, you will always have some guidance from a member of the MoaAlm team.

East Tirol has just over 400 km of groomed cross country ski trails, allowing easy access to the varied terrain. In our village of Kals Am Grossglockner, there are 25 km of well-prepared cross-country tracks for beginner skiers to advanced. The tracks take you over river bridge crossings, through forested areas and along the river that flows within the Hohe Tauren National Park. While you are gliding along the tracks you will be able to see many of the many mountain peaks that are above three thousand meters. The trails are well sign posted and are graded from Blue to Black, Blue being the gentler beginner routes. Some of our favourite trails take you past the Taurerwirt Hotel, the perfect place to sample some Austrian local dishes and warm up with a glass of Gluhwein or schnapps.

Cross country skiing in Austria

Cross Country SKI Equipment

We provide you with the classic style skis, required ski shoes ( Which are like comfortable slippers compared to downhill ski boots!) and poles. With regards to clothing, there are two distinctive uniforms, the all in one skin tight lycra suit with a headband or the more casual layered option. We tend to encourage option two. A pair of pants that are water resistant and also allow for movement. A thermal base layer, a mid layer and a windproof top layer. Gloves and hat are also required. You will start to warm up as you become more confident skiing, so we always suggest a small backpack to allow you to remove and store any extra layers and carry your water bottle.

If you want to join us for a week of winter activity, our season runs from December 10th to April 15th....

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