More than just skiing...

More than just skiing...

Move aside downhill skiing, the mountains have so much more to offer!

The autumn leaves are glowing in the early evening sunshine, the nights are drawing in and the time has come for you to start planning your winter holiday. Your colleagues are all talking about booking the winter ski holiday, boasting about how many black runs they will fly down and how much fondue they will stuff into their bellies. But you were never taught to ski or snowboard as a child, and anyway your knee is a little dodgy. You love the outdoors and you've always wanted to explore mountains in the winter, but how?!

Well the good news is, the mountains in winter have so much more to offer than just downhill skiing, and here at MoaAlm we've got you covered! So why not impress your colleagues with high tales of your own winter exploits and book a holiday with a difference in the Austrian Alps this winter.

What else can you do in the Austrian Alps in winter?

Snowshoe hiking

Think eskimos and tennis rackets, but in the modern age. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and the mountains, with potential hip deep snow are suddenly accessible for you to explore. The snowshoe works by spreading your weight across a larger surface area, meaning you don't sink into the snow. Want to follow tracks snow hare, foxes and deer silently through the forest? Have fun hiking to remote mountain hut for a glass of warming gluhwein?  Snowshoeing is a versatile and fun way of exploring the Alps on foot. Founder of WearActive Xania explains how she became a snowshoe convert here.

Snowshoe hike in the Austrian Alps
Snowshoe hike in East Tirol
Cross country skiing (langlaufen)

Popular in Europe and the US, this sport is yet to take hold in the UK, but popularity is rising. Cross country skis are long and thin, and you use momentum and your poles to move in a motion similar to that of nordic walking. First explored on flatter terrain when you are a beginner. Our valley of Kals Am Grossglockner, is host to a string of stunning riverside and forest routes. Love your dog? Bring them too and experience being pulled along by our faithful hound. Once you have mastered the flatter courses, introduce some slopes and a couple of corners and you will be competing in the winter biathlon before you know it.


You are never too old to jump on a traditional Austrian sledge (rodel). Rodelling is a favourite family past time here in Austria and luckily for you, MoaAlm is situated at the top of its very own rodel track. You control your speed and direction with your feet as you whizz down the track. Not enough of a thrill for you, lie on your rodel head first and hope you don’t encounter a lump of ice!

Rodel or sledge at MoaAlm
Sledge or Rodel from MoaAlm Mountain Retreat
Learn to ski or snowboard as an adult:

Always wanted to learn to ski, but scared of falling over in front of all those children. We have just the holiday for you! Learn to ski or snowboard with an English speaking instructor alongside a group of likeminded adults from all over the world. After a week of lessons, loads of laughter and even more gluhwein, you will feel confident to join next year’s office ski trip. Interested? Find out more here.

skiing and snowboarding in Austria
Skiing and Snowboard in the GG Resort

MoaAlm is a unique place dedicated to helping people explore the mountains under their own steam. Whether you are an experienced skier, looking for a change, or a winter novice, never having been in the mountains before, we have got you covered. The other advantage with a winter holiday with us in the mountains is that we can also accommodate a mixed group, allowing skiers to holiday with non skiers and everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Austrian Alps. Take a look at our website to find out more about our winter holidays.